Be on your guard: ‘Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama’ – John Pilger

‘He told RT: “We don’t even know if a Novichok programme even existed [in Russia]. Russia’s request for a sample of this nerve agent has been turned down. The British police have made no commentary on this. This is extraordinary.

“So you have an attempted murder, you have a crime scene and you have no evidence and neither do you have a motive. Why on Earth would Russia on the eve of an election and on the eve of staging the World Football Cup want to destroy – if you like – it’s international name with such a crime? It makes sense.

“But there’s plenty of motive on the other side, because as I mentioned at the beginning, this is part of a carefully constructed drama in which the media plays a role, the Government plays a role, both sides of the House of Commons play a role – unfortunately.’

SCL – a Very British Coup

‘Campaign against RT is propaganda & McCarthyism’ – journalist John Pilger

Of course events have now veered in another direction as it appears that the 2016 US election; the 2016 UK referendum on membership of the EU and the 2017 General election were all likely to have been influenced by the role of Cambridge Analytica. The hard right wings of the mainstream parties  both in the US and the UK have apparently manipulated members of the electorate to have voted in a particular way that they possibly wouldn’t have if they had not been targeted.

As Sue Jones and others have commented over the last few days the democracies of the west are being subverted and controlled by dangerous forces scared of losing their influence over an ever changing demographic and ever evolving technological societies.

Whereas industrial societies were fairly straightforward to control; post industrial societies are a completely different beast. Change is now of a much quicker pace and younger generations are questioning the establishment orthodoxy in a way the population has not been able to do previously.

Hence the use of subterfuge and propaganda to attempt to reclaim the high ground. Let us hope that this is not going to happen but it is only by revealing the strategies and tactics of the elites that we can hold them off and eventually defeat them. The Russia narrative and Cambridge Analytica are part of the iceberg and there is more to come. Much more.

Be on your guard.

Douglas James